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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cummins Natural Gas Generating Set

Cummins G-855-G is simple in design and a proven workhorse, which has clocked millions of hours, operating in some of the most demanding conditions like oil field, textile, tea gardens etc. Cummins gas generating set has unique design features which allows operation on various natural gas fuels. It also incorporates the latest technology that provides high engine performance, low emission and greater load bearing capacity.


  • Cummins 6 cylinder, inline configuration, 4 stroke, watercooled 1500 RPM, naturally aspirated engine, rating conforming to ISO 3046 / BS 5514
  • Stamford single bearing, self-excited and self regulated brushless alternator at 0.8 power factor, 415V, 3 phase, 50 Hz. Specially designed MS fabricated base frame
  • Key performance components manufactured to exacting Cummins standards
  • Genset manufactured as per Cummins Recommendations Prime power rating as per ISO 8528 Benefits
  • Environment friendly
  • Low noise level
  • Greater load bearing capacity
  • Proven reliability and durability
  • Nation-wide service network
  • Unmatched warranty: 2 years/5000 hours
  • Single window after-sale support round the clock
  • Extended oil change period (1000 hrs)
  • Lower operating cost

Range – 125 Kva

Standard Scope

  • Cummins N series, open chamber combustion, watercooled engine, naturally aspirated, 6 cylinder, 4 stroke, rated at 1500 RPM, conforming to ISO 3046 / BS 5514 has the following specifications
  • Carburetor, Distributor, Ignition transformer, Spark plug, Hydraulic governor
  • Stainless steel exhaust flexible connection, Industrial type silencer
  • Radiator, Coolant inhibitor
  • Shell and Tube type lube oil cooler
  • Full flow, replaceable element type main and by-pass lube oil filter, Gas filter, Dry type replaceable paper element air cleaner with restriction indicator
  • Flywheel housing and flywheel to suit single bearing alternator
  • Ist and IInd stage pressure regulating valves, mechanical shut off valve, 24 VDC electrical shut off valve, 24 V DC Electric starting motor, Battery charging alternator
  • Engine control panel
  • Engine protections for high water temperature, low lube oil pressure, overspeed
  • First fill lube oil
  • Exhaust temperature gauge


  • Stamford brushless alternator
  • Self-excited, Self regulated
  • Salient pole revolving field
  • Single bearing
  • Automatic voltage regulator

Control Panel

Powder coated control panel manufactured with 14/16 gauge CRCA sheet and provides:

  • MCCB of suitable rating with overload and short circuit protection
  • Voltmeter and Ammeter with selector switch
  • Frequency meter
  • KWh meter
  • Indicating lamps for “Load On” and “Set Running”

  • 2 x 12 V dry, uncharged batteries with connecting leads and terminals
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